TRUTH: Pageants ARE Complex and Winning isn't "Easy"

(just ask any first runner-up 🤷🏻‍♀️)

You already know that pageants have A LOT of pieces (branding, platform, communication, appearance, speaking, interview, sponsors, paperwork)...

...Not to mention all the 'mysterious' parts of pageantry that newbies tend to miss.

So it makes total sense why you may feel completely overwhelmed about the idea of figuring out your brand, creating a platform, marketing yourself at appearances, wow-ing the judges with your paperwork, nailing your interview...and everything else! 🤯

Also True: It's Not Your Fault!

The Problem is...

  • You don’t know who to ask (or who to trust) about what the judges are looking for.
  • You don't have a community of others supporting you to achieve your dreams.
  • You are afraid you aren't even cut out for pageantry or wonder 'why would they even choose me?'
  • You are ready to work hard, but you don't know which direction to put your efforts (or if it's even worth it).
  • You have tried learning from YouTube videos and hiring coaches in your area, but you can't seem to get the real feedback you know you need to improve.
  • You know it would be crazy-expensive to piece together all the training you need to compete with the Pageant Pros

But Wait - There is Hope! 👑

Imagine for a moment...

💭 How would it feel to have a proven step-by-step strategy to follow without second guessing every step of your pageant prep?

💭 Imagine what it would be like if you had a sisterhood of pageant women cheering you on, even before you set foot on stage.

💭 Wouldn't it be great to ask all the questions you have and get truthful answers from a team of professional pageant coaches, as well as feedback from a group of pageant women around the world?

💭 What would it be like knowing that you are creating something unique and memorable and feeling confident that you have what it takes from the moment you walk into orientation?

You see, Winning a Pageant is Absolutely POSSIBLE! In fact, lots of women have defied all odds and won their pageants with the same circumstances (and so can you)!

🤓 BUT first, you have to know a few things...

#1: You Need the Inside Scoop on What the Judges are really Looking For

Since pageants aren't scored like basketball, you need to know what the judges are really looking for, so you can get busy focusing on what really works. Once you know what they want, it'll be easy to learn it!

#2: You Need a Step-by-Step Strategy to Show You What to do!

Piecing together free advice (or asking your best friend or mom to help) isn't the straightest line to the goal. Neither is doing it all alone. But, as soon as you follow a strategic plan, you can learn literally ANYTHING! The same is true for everything about pageants: the look, the walk, the talk, the confidence, the appearances, the projects - it's a lot easier when you have someone showing you what to do. I promise!

#3: You Need to Find Your Own UNIQUE Qualities so You Can Stand Out (without "faking" it)

Every woman has a unique aspect of her personality and experiences that can be used to develop your unique Pageant BRAND. You just need to discover yours! But - you can't read your label when you're inside the jar. You need someone to draw your best characteristics out of you, so you can market your AUTHENTIC BEST SELF!

So... How do I know all of this? 

(cuz if I were you, I'd be asking that too 😉...)


I competed in pageants throughout my 20's and 30's and couldn't seem to break out of the top 10 - in multiple systems. In fact, I was first runner-up in 3 states! It was frustrating (and heartbreaking) and NO ONE could tell me what I was doing wrong. It wasn't until I approached pageantry as a scholar (thanks to my master's degree) and analyzed the difference between the winners and the top 5 that I discovered I was approaching it all wrong.

As soon as I made a few tweaks in my strategy, I created a stand-out Platform, got a $15,000 Sponsor, got featured on PopSugarTV, OK Magazine, and The Steve Harvey Show, nailed my pageant Interview, and won Miss California!

Then, I launched the #1 Pageant Podcast, Published an Amazon Bestseller, and have since coached thousands of other women (like you) to use this strategy to win.

You NEED a PAGEANT PREP STRATEGY that will help you...

👑 Get clear on your PERSONAL (unique!) brand and message so you can rest in your authentic self and not have to 'pretend'...

👑 Follow a Proven STEP-BY-STEP System to save you time and money by not getting lost in a rabbit hole of Google or YouTube piecing together your pageant prep...

👑 Get Personal FEEDBACK on every aspect of competition so you have true insight about where you stand and how you can improve...

👑 Surround yourself with a COMMUNITY of high-achieving pageant women who can encourage, support, and help you along your journey...

This is why I am excited to Introduce you to...

Win A Pageant® Academy

The Win A Pageant Academy is a 6-month coaching program for Pageant Women ages 13-93 (yes, my grandma would crush this course!) that want to Discover your Brand, Amplify your Message, STAND OUT from the crowd, and Compete to WIN your pageant.

 Full of video trainings, live coaching, and personalized feedback, the ACADEMY allows you to Confidently prepare for your Pageant with a Clear Strategy.

When You Join the Win A Pageant® Academy

You’ll Get...

Win A Pageant | Members Library
Members' Library with On-Demand Video Trainings

($2,400 Value)'ll get instant access to Strategic Pageant Prep on topics like Interview, Branding, Platform, Legacy Project, Wardrobe, Walking, and More. Watch on-demand, anytime you want to get ahead of the competition.

Win A Pageant | Office Hours
Weekly Office Hours with the Coaching Team

($4,800 Value)

...because things always come up! You'll want to be able to ask questions, hear what others are up to, celebrate your wins, and stay motivated toward your dreams.

Win A Pageant | Coaching Calls
3 Hours of Coaching Calls & Discounts on More Coaching

($600+ Value) a member of the Academy, you get 3 hours of coaching calls to be used for coaching, mock interviews, walking training and more! Plus, you'll also get access to discounted pricing on our 1:1 coaching calls with our Academy coaches.

Win A Pageant | Zoom Calls
Surprise Live Trainings on Zoom with Coaches and Guests

($2,400 Value)'ll learn from the best in the industry about all the topics you need as a pageant woman. These are hosted live with guest titleholders and coaches so you can hear from titleholders exactly what to expect and what the judges' are looking for.

Win A Pageant | Facebook Group
BONUS: Facebook Group

($1,000 Value) you can get feedback on visuals like headshot, wardrobe, and accessories. Plus, you'll get to make lifelong connections with a sisterhood of pageant women who will support and encourage your dreams!

Win A Pageant | Mock Interview
Playbook Guided Journal Download

($500 Value) guide you through some personal development exercises and guided journal prompts to help uncover your personal brand, legacy, and more.

The Total Value of the Win A Pageant® Academy and all these Bonuses is over $11,000 😯

But right now, you can join the ACADEMY for $2,430!

Did you read that small print 👆?!

Only $2,430!! 🥳

If you're like, "YES... I'm Ready." 

Awesome! 🙌 Click "Join Now" below

You'll get Instant Access to the entire Academy.

Click the "Join Now" Button to scoop up the deal! 👑

Not Sure? Book a Call to Discuss

If you're not sure the Academy is right for you, or you want to discuss more questions, please click HERE to book a call with a member of our team to discuss your situation and answer your questions.

Watch these videos to hear from other Win A Pageant® clients...

Michele Duncan

Mrs. America's United States

"Through the Win A Pageant Academy, I was able to solidify my legacy project, promise-proof-plan, and communicate during my 3 minute pageant interview. I've dug deep, I spent time figuring out who I am and what I wanted to present myself as both in pageantry but also in the next few years in leadership with ministry and my legacy project. The videos and coaching in the Academy are unbelievable! I would do it all over again! If you want to get to the next level with your pageant experience, deepen who you are what you want to accomplish in the next few years of your life, you should be a part of the Academy."

Capria Fullerton

Mrs. CA Petite USA

"When I decided to go all-in and join the Academy, my Legacy Project went from 0-60 in a matter of months! Because of the step-by-step process that the Academy has, we were able to create a unique plan to help me (and my Legacy Project) shine! Everything I learned in the Academy went beyond pageant weekend. We're taught life skills, speaking skills and networking skills - all of which can further any aspect of life!"

Brea Sharron Estep

Mrs. United States

“I found Alycia on the Win A Pageant podcast. We had a conversation and I knew I needed to go deeper. I had the idea that I was ‘going to’ do this and ‘going to’ do that, but when I competed in the same pageant in 2020, I didn’t even place because I didn’t do the work. My advice: do the Legacy Project and everything revolves around your Legacy Project. Through years of listening to her podcast and her knock-it-out-of-the-park strategy sessions she’s helped me have the confidence and skills to create a winning legacy project! You need to take action to get clarity and Alycia opened my eyes to all that we could do.”

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. What topics are covered in the Win A Pageant® Academy? We cover the 4 main pillars of competition including: Branding, Legacy Project (Platform), Interview and Marketing. Plus, we cover stage performance, ramp/runway walk, pageant hair/make-up, wardrobe styling, how to stand out (on and off stage) and more. And, our coaching calls allow you to cover any and all additional topics that you need to feel fully prepared and confident to win.
  2. When does the course start and finish? You'll get immediate access to the Win A Pageant® Academy Members' Library with on-demand videos when you enroll today. You can join our weekly calls as soon as this week. You'll have access to the entire program, including the video library, coaching calls, live office hours, and any additional bonuses for a full 6-months from the date you join the program.
  3. How will I be matched with the best coach for me? You'll fill out a "New Client Intake Form" when you join, which invites you to share a bit about your experience, when your pageant is, the titley ou are competing for, and what you are looking for in a coach. We use this information to assign you to a coach you'll work with throughout the 6-months in the program.
  4. What if I want to switch coaches? All of our coaches are OUTSTANDING in experience, training, and results-driven - they want you to WIN! So, if you ever feel that your coach isn't the very best fit for your goals, we will quickly reassign you to a new coach to make sure you are able to get the most out of the program and have the greatest success.
  5. How long do I have access to the course? After enrolling, you have 6 months of access to the entire program - across any and all devices you own. All live calls will be recorded and placed in the members' area for you to return to as much as you'd like during your 6-months in the program.
  6. What's the refund policy? This program includes immediate access to dozens of on-demand videos, and the 1:1 coaching begins immediately upon joining the program, so we do not offer a refund for this program. All payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know by contacting me directly at [email protected] and I would be happy to help you.
  7. Can I join the Win A Pageant® Academy another time? The Academy is current open for year-round enrollment, however program contents and bonuses are always subject to change for new members. The only way to ensure access to all the current program offerings, bonuses and lock in this low price is to purchase now.
  8. Who is this course for? This course is for adult pageant women (ages 16-93) that want to make an impact in their communities and develop as an influencer and leader of leaders. We aim to simplify pageantry for women, but it is not 'easy', so this is for serious competitors only who are willing to put effort into developing themselves as a true, lasting queen - on-stage and off stage.
  9. Is this course only for women? Yes, this course is only for women. The topics we discuss are sensitive to what women experience when competing in pageants and provides a space for women to connect. The training is specific to women-centric pageantry and would not work for male pageants/competitions.
  10. Who is this program NOT for? This proven system is NOT designed for pageants like: male pageants, bodybuilding/fitness, talent shows, photogenic photography-only pageants, 'beauty' pageants (that only score physical appearance). For our system to work, there must be some component of personal marketing (paperwork, interview, platform, media, etc).
  11. Will this program work for my pageant? Our proven system works best for pageants that include personal marketing components like Paperwork, Interview, On-Stage Question, and/or Platform. We have helped women will titles in a variety of systems including Mrs. America, Miss/Mrs. Petite, Teen/Miss America, Teen/Miss USA/Universe, Miss/Mrs. South Africa, Miss/Mrs. International, Mrs. Universal, Young American Miss, USA National Miss, Ms. Senior World, and many more. We are confident that our proven system will work for most pageant systems. If you're still not sure, please email me before you purchase to ask: [email protected]
  12. What if I have additional questions? Please email me your questions to: [email protected]

Not Sure? Book a Call to Discuss

If you're not sure the Academy is right for you, or you want to discuss more questions, please click HERE to book a call with a member of our team to discuss your situation and answer your questions.

Meet Your Coaches

Trinity Pearson | Win A Pageant
Trinity Pearson

Trinity Garner Pearson is a certified life coach and former Barbizon Modeling Instructor with over 25 years of expertise in the pageant industry as director, coach, contestant, and mom. Through competing in organizations such as Mrs. International, Mrs. America, Mrs. United States, Miss America and Tennessee’s Young Woman of the Year, Trinity is a true testament of how pageantry not only teaches you lifelong skills, but can support your dreams financially. Residing in Tennessee with her husband and two teenage daughters, Trinity has a BA in Communication and Master's of Business Administration. Trinity’s goal is to encourage her clients to believe in themselves and to achieve their dreams through Win A Pageant.

Nancy Liles | Win A Pageant
Nancy Liles

Nancy Nguyen Liles, MBA is Mrs. Summit United States 2024 and was Mrs. Petite USA 2021 and former Ms. Corporate America 2011. As a pageant coach, judge, and national titleholder, Nancy is passionate about helping ladies up-level. She is the mom of two elementary school-aged girls, Fire Captain’s wife, and First Generation American trilingual entrepreneur. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and She is the owner/operator of Sweet T Salon in Raleigh, NC and has her MBA in Human Resources and Leadership and Change Management from DePaul University. Nancy is a 2x Amazon best selling author and podcast host who has helped hundreds of women globally gain confidence to network successfully in business and entrepreneurship in skilled trades.

Michele Duncan

Michele Duncan is the creator and founder of Choose2Change, a nationwide platform to encourage women to transform their lives. Michele holds a BA in biblical studies, and a Master’s Degree in Ministry. She has served the faith-based community for over 30 years as a minister’s wife, coordinating producer for Inspiration Ministries and hosting the Throne Zone conference for 10 years. Michele and her husband Keith travel to teach and minister worldwide. Michele brings over 15 years experience with live television and event production. She is a multiple state titleholder and was Mrs. America’s United States 2022.

Not Sure? Book a Call to Discuss

If you're not sure the Academy is right for you, or you want to discuss more questions, please click HERE to book a call with a member of our team to discuss your situation and get your questions about the program answered.