On Stage Walking & Posing Training

Patterns, Poses & Turns for a Smooth Performance

This 30-minute video will begin with the most basic elements of posture through the most complex stage turns (like the famous "Miss USA swimsuit turn"). You can watch it over and over and practice along until you nail your own on stage walk!

Your Instructor

Alycia Darby
Alycia Darby

Alycia Darby is the creator of the iTunes #1 Pageant Podcast "Win A Pageant" and the YouTube Channel with over 14,000 subscribers. Her book "Beauty, Truth & Grace" is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Alycia trains women competing in Mrs., Miss, and Teen pageants to identify their UNIQUE competitive edge, and AMPLIFY the best parts of their personality, and STAND OUT from the competition with a Legacy Project. Alycia has competed in Miss America Organization, Miss Galaxy, Miss USA, and Miss International. She has worked with 1,000's of women around the world to compete in top-tier pageants! ...Now, it's your turn!

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